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Launch of Free Food Fridays

22 August 2019 - Food For Change (FFC) funds Free Food For All (FFFA) for FFFA's debut campaign: Free Food Fridays - Briyani Meals for Friday Prayers this coming 23 August 2019.

The campaigns aims to make tasty food affordable for everyone to join in the blessings of feeding others on a Friday - one of the siginificant days of the week in Islam where mainly Muslim men will gather at mosques for congregational prayers.

FFFA will debut this campaign at several mosques - one of them at Makam Habib Noh (beside Masjid Haji Muhammad Salleh) at Palmer Rd. FFFA will be serving quality and tasty Mutton Briyani in bento sets during and after Friday Prayers and hopes to carry out this campaign in the long-term.

The bento meals are manufactured by one of FFFA's food partners in a Halal Certified Kitchen and will adhere to all the required regulations.

For every contribution of $35, it will pay for the cooking, packing and delivery of 10 Packets of Briyani - this means that each Packet costs less than $3.50!

To support the campaign click here

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